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Premier’s Safe Workplace

Premier Print Group makes team health and safety a top priority. Accordingly, an independent OSHA Out-Reach training company is retained to conduct regular training sessions with the entire staff. This organization also regularly inspects our equipment and facilities for safety hazards.

First Aid kits and AEDs are located strategically throughout the facility. An eye wash station is located near our press and bindery departments.

All equipment has point-of-use electrical lockout/tag out devices to prevent accidental machine start up.

Safety guards/features on all equipment are inspected regularly and corrective action is taken immediately if unsafe conditions are detected.

Dedicated personal safety equipment is provided to all employees whose jobs may require it.
This includes:

  • Face guards
  • Rubber gloves
  • Ear protection equipment
  • Safety glasses
  • Back support belts

Employees in such jobs are trained in what they must wear and how.

Numerous team members participate in voluntary CPR training which is conducted periodically on site.

Employees must have completed comprehensive forklift training before they are allowed to operate forklifts.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all substances are conveniently available to all employees and other interested parties.