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3104 Farber Drive | Champaign, IL 61822-1053

Distribution Friendly

Champaign, IL is served by three interstate highways and Premier is located just minutes from each. I-57 runs North and South; I-74 runs East and West; and I-72 originates in Champaign and runs Southwest through Springfield Illinois and ends in Missouri. The regional hub for FedEx Ground is located here due to the area’s ideal shipping corridors.

Ideal for Mailing

The Champaign, IL post office is a U.S.P.S. Sectional Center Facility. National mailers recognize Champaign as an ideal location for mailing for two reasons: dropping mail at a Sectional Center gets it in the mail stream faster, and Champaign is located near the center of the U.S. so delivery times across the country are evened out.