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Post-Production Services to Improve Your Supply Chain

Premier Print Group provides the energy, intelligence and experience that facilitates your marketing communications post-production workflow and distribution. Premier’s suite of comprehensive fulfillment and distribution services are natural post-production choices to complete your supply chain cycle.

We provide world-class solutions that move your message. Our knowledge base in fulfillment, warehousing and expedited distribution means delivering timely solutions for your business.

Fulfillment, Kitting and Assembly

Fulfill High-Volume Orders

Premier Print Group has extensive experience with fulfillment and controlled inventory management. We have significant pick-and-pack capacity. Your products are expertly packed in sturdy cartons to withstand any journey. Once your order is received and processed, it’s sent to our warehouse to be picked, packed and shipped.

Assemble Product Kits

Assembly of customized kits is a highly effective way to deliver specialized and personalized information to field reps, distributors and customers. Maintaining inventory, packaging and tracking materials can be an intimidating task. Premier’s fulfillment team is efficient, experienced, organized and prepared to tame your most complicated projects and programs. Kitting is particularly attractive to insurance, healthcare, banking, wholesale and manufacturing organizations.

Inventory and Warehousing

Protect Your Inventory

Safely and securely store your printed materials in our fully climate-controlled warehousing facility also equipped with security cameras. Our inventory control systems allow for real time inventory level reporting.

Store Inventory Long-Term

Inventory your printed products in one of our long-term warehousing programs. When your instructions are received, specified quantities are shipped promptly. With our inventory management programs, you are alerted when pre-determined minimum quantities are reached.

Shipping Solutions

Save with Economical Shipping Rates

Our centralized shipping location in Champaign, IL, as well as partnerships and rate agreements with numerous national LTL carriers, UPS and FedEx, allows us to offer you the most economical shipping rates to all destinations in the U.S. and beyond.

Ship Bulk Orders to Multiple Locations

Divide your completed print orders into specific quantities and ship in bulk to multiple locations.

Track Your Shipment

Receive notifications and monitor shipments while en route to their destinations with our tracking systems.

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