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Your Project Managers are Involved from Start to Finish

As soon as we receive your order, a designated project manager will take control by verifying product specs, creating a job ticket and confirming a ship date. You will receive an order confirmation detailing all specs and your project’s completion date.

The job ticket created details exactly what will happen to your project throughout every phase of production. The project manager monitors these activities right up till your job is completed.

Our Prepress Department Ensures a Great Start

Premier leaves nothing to chance in the early production stages of new projects. Once the prepress department receives the job ticket, all of your files are expertly preflighted, checked for appropriate bleeds, image resolutions, and much more.

If issues come to light with files that require your input, your project manager is informed, so you can be notified promptly.

Common file errors include:

Less than optimal resolution of images and photos

Images should be a minimum of 300dpi for the best quality. Lower resolution can result in blurry or fuzzy images.

Bleed improperly set

Any image that is intended to end at the edge of the printed sheet must have bleed of at least 1/8” beyond the trim line. Otherwise it may result in a thin white line when trimmed.

Items too close to trim lines

With any printed piece that is trimmed after folding and binding such as pages of booklets and books, there is risk of cutting into images too close to the trim.

File created in the wrong size

There is little a printer can do to correct this problem. It will delay the start of the job until corrected files are received.

Our Proofing Process Ensures Quality

After your files have been thoroughly examined and deemed ready, it’s off to the proofing process.

Premier offers two types of proofs:
  1. 1. PDF (post Raster Image Processing)
  2. 2. Hard copy Epson Digital Dylux and Digital Contract proofs
G7 Colorspace Qualified Proofs

If you specify Epson proofs, high resolution digital contract proofs and low resolution Dylux proofs are output on G7 Colorspace Qualified Epson Inkjet SureColor P9000s. The high-resolution proof is intended for color approval. The digital Dylux proof becomes representative of the final product. It is trimmed, made into a booklet/book for checking pagination, bleeds, etc.

Your approval on all jobs is needed in order for production to begin.
image 1

After you approve your proofs, the files are sent to our Kodak Magnus 800 Platesetter where plates will be automatically processed and output. They are then forwarded to the press for printing.

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Kodak PRINERGY Prepress Workflow Solutions Software

Premier uses industry-leading Kodak PRINERGY workflow solutions software to deliver outstanding performance and reliability and support a wide variety of standard file formats. This workflow software assists with everything from file preflighting and color management to proofing, impositioning and plating. An integrated workflow assures consistency in quality for your project.

We’re Your Creative Team

Getting your print projects started, especially direct marketing campaigns, can be challenging. Our customers describe our creative team as an invaluable resource, and we’re here to partner with you on your next project.

Our creative team specializes in developing and designing all types of commercial print projects, including:

  • Comprehensive direct marketing campaigns
  • Corporate branding
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Catalogs, and much more!

Together, we’ll discuss a variety of ideas, concepts, and messaging. If it’s a marketing piece, we’ll help you create copy that sells and create a design that engages and holds your customers’ interest.

Regardless of the type of project, its format, your budget or your audience, you can rely on our creative team to produce attractive and effective materials that maximize your return on investment.

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Our experienced team is ready to help you, from prepress services to delivering the finished product.

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