Upload File

We happily accept native files from the all of the major industry standard programs, as listed below. You can submit your files on a wide variety of media, or through our secure Upload Center.

Please contact your Sales Executive before submitting files if the layout program you use is not listed.


Recommended Media

Firewire, SCSI and USB hard drives
Flash drives


Recommended Software

Adobe Acrobat XI (Mac & Win)
Adobe InDesign CC (Mac & Win)
Adobe PageMaker 7.0 (Mac & Win)
Quark XPress 9 (Mac & Win)
Adobe Illustrator CS 6 (Mac & Win)
Adobe Photoshop CS 6 (Mac & Win)


Creating PDF Documents For Print

Most layout programs have built-in methods for producing PDFs, making Acrobat Distiller less necessary. However, if your software doesn't offer a PDF export function, check Distiller's Job Options.

Within Distiller, select Press or Press Optimized to use high-resolution print settings. Distiller includes these as pre-sets, and these defaults can be used without any changes being made.

Please verify you have included cropmarks in the finished PDF. If your artwork bleeds off the edge of the page(s) be sure the artwork extends at least 1/8-inch past the cropmarks.