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The Value of A Print Partner for Training and Education

October 19, 2021

At Premier Print Group, we are proud to partner with a wide range of training and continuing education programs in order to provide them with the custom printed materials they need to make their programs stand out. Custom printed materials can play a number of important roles within the field of training and education. From brochures and handouts to guide students' learning experience to branded t-shirts, pens, and other swag designed to serve as both a reward for students as well as a marketing opportunity, there are plenty of ways for training/education programs to leverage custom printed materials.

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Print Solutions for Training and Education

As with any business, it is important for training and continuing education programs to present themselves with as much professionalism as possible. While there's certainly a lot that goes into accomplishing this all-important goal, providing students with professional, custom-printed materials is a great place to start. Having high-quality educational materials such as brochures, handouts, booklets, and beyond that feature your program's branding can go a long way toward reinforcing the idea that your program is a desirable and professional choice in the training/education market.

In addition to helping create an air of professionalism, custom-printed educational materials can also help better engage and impact your program's students. Materials that feature a pleasing design complete with quality graphics, charts, and anything else you might wish to include are sure to be much more engaging than low-quality materials that are clearly printed from a desktop printer. If you want to provide your students with educational materials that will really capture their interest, custom printing is the way to go.

Lastly, custom print solutions enable training and continuing education programs to create branded merchandise that will serve as both incentives as well as promotional materials. Let's say, for example, that you create t-shirts for your program that feature the program's name, logo, and tagline. Everyone loves a free t-shirt, and handing them out to students at the end of the course is an excellent way to provide them with some small reward for all of their hard work. Once they walk out the door, though, they'll be promoting your program to new potential students every time they wear your shirt.

For these three reasons, custom print solutions present a lot of value to training and continuing education programs. If you would like to create a more professional allure for your program, better engage and impact your students, and create branded merchandise that will serve as both incentives as well as a form of marketing then custom printing is an excellent option to consider.

Types of Custom-Printed Materials for Training and Education Programs

At Premier Print Group, we produce a broad range of custom-printed materials, many of which are ideally suited for the training and education industry. This includes materials such as:

  • Presentations - At Premier Print Group, we print stunning presentations in a variety of sizes. If you would like to create a presentation board that will reinforce the key points of your presentation and serve as a visual aid for capturing your students' attention then our professional custom-printed presentations are the perfect choice for you.
  • Booklets - Handing out booklets to your students is a great way to help them stay on track during your lecture and a great way to provide them with supplemental information that they will be able to take home with them once the course is complete. Creating a professional-looking booklet on your own, of course, can be a real challenge. At Premier Print Group, though, we are able to print top-quality booklets in any size and design that you desire.
  • Folders - If your students have a lot of different papers and materials to keep track of, providing them with a folder can be a great way to help keep them organized. Generic folders will serve this purpose as well, but a custom-printed folder that features your program's name and logo is certainly the more professional and attractive option.
  • Posters - Whether you would like to decorate your classroom with custom posters or provide posters to your students as a reward for their accomplishments, our custom-printed posters are an ideal choice. At Premier Print Group, we print posters in a variety of sizes that feature whatever custom design you create.
  • Handouts – Obviously you want your recipient to take your message and information back with them. Premier ensures that your handouts (flyers, graphics, brochures) are of the highest quality.  
  • Manuals - For training and continuing education programs covering more technical topics, manuals are sometimes a necessity. At Premier Print Group, we print high-quality custom manuals with a variety of binding options to enhance your eye-catching design
  • Branded Merchandise - As we've already mentioned, branded merchandise provides you with the ability to offer your students desirable rewards and incentives while at the same time marketing your program to other potential students. Best of all, you have a wide range of exciting branded merchandise to choose from. At Premier Print Group, we provide branded t-shirts, pens, jackets, beanies, tote bags, flash drives, and more. The swag opportunities are endless.

Whatever custom-printed materials you might need to set your program apart, we at Premier Print Group are able to help. If you would like to acquire only the highest quality custom-printed materials on the market today, you can count on our near fifty years of custom printing experience and our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Print On-Demand: The Perfect Choice for Training and Education Programs

Most training and continuing education programs don't have the need to print their materials in large bulk orders. If there are going to be thirty students in your next course, for example, thirty booklets and thirty branded t-shirts may be all you need. Unless you are able to use them for future courses, placing a bulk order for these materials would only be a waste of money.

In addition to bulk orders, Premier Print Group also offers print-on-demand services. These services enable you to order your custom-printed materials in whatever quantity you desire cost effectively. With our print-on-demand solutions, you can rest assured that you are never again saddled with outdated and obsolete materials that you never needed in such large numbers to begin with. Whether you would like to print as few as ten items or as many as a ten-thousand or more, our print-on-demand service is completely adaptable to your needs.


At Premier Print Group, we offer a wide range of professional printing services.. If you would like to design and print the exceptional custom materials you need to make your training/education program memorable, the printing experts at Premier Print Group look forward to being at your service! To get started enjoying all of the top-quality services we have to offer, be sure to contact us today and request a free estimate on your next printing project.