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Business Catalog Printing: A Comprehensive Guide

May 28, 2021

For generations, printed catalogs have been an effective, proven, and valuable way for businesses and retailers to show their products to potential customers. It is a terrific way for companies to point out the best features and benefits of their products and services while including important details like warranty info, sizes, options, and other data. If your organization is considering a business catalog, here is a comprehensive guide to assist you.

What are the Benefits of a Printed Catalog?

Catalogs remain popular because they offer companies a wide range of benefits. These include:

  • Catalogs tend to have a long shelf life. While many marketing materials are considered disposable, a catalog is substantial and carries with it perceived value. Even if a consumer doesn't immediately sit down and browse through it, they are likely to keep it for future use. This extends the value of an investment in a printed catalog.
  • They are a powerful branding tool. Companies who use catalogs set themselves apart from competitors and have a powerful branding tool at their disposal. A catalog allows multiple opportunities to brand your company.
  • They position you as a quality, established organization. Catalogs make a statement about your company and how you do business. Even a newly established business can create an impression of stability and longevity through a catalog.
  • Catalogs are perfect for direct mail campaigns. Whether you are targeting prospects by geography, demographics, or through income, catalogs are a terrific vehicle to expose your products in front of your desired audience.
  • They serve as an excellent handout and promotional tool. Rather than handing out a business card and hoping a prospect visits your website, a printed catalog puts your products in the hands of consumers. They are an excellent promotional tool to hand out at civic and community events, in store and at trade shows and conventions.
  • Catalog shopping is the preferred choice for many. Many consumers enjoy the casual, non-rushed experience that comes along with catalog shopping. Catalogs offer a unique browsing and shopping experience that many appreciate and enjoy.
  • Products can be shown in the best possible light. In a catalog, you control the images and descriptions that can show products in the best possible light and in a variety of uses.
  • Catalogs can include all aspects of your company. Not only can you feature each of your products, but you can include your company's history, philosophy, team members, testimonials and a variety of other helpful info to help consumers make a buying decision. You can even include a list of frequently asked questions in your catalog.

Variables That Influence Catalog Costs

Of course, one of the major questions companies have when considering printing a catalog is the cost. There are a lot of factors that impact the ultimate cost of a catalog. Some of these factors may include:

  • Number of total catalogs desired
  • Number of pages per catalog
  • Quality of paper used
  • Binding and cover selection
  • Page size
  • Ink
  • Mailing

The ultimate price of business catalog printing will also be impacted by shipping costs from the printer to you. If the number and size of catalog is significant, so can these shipping costs.

The bottom line is custom catalog printing can cost from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. It will depend on the above factors and your budget, goals, and expectations.

Turnaround Times Are From the Date of Final Proof Approval to Confirmed Ship Date

It is important for you and your printer to have an understanding of what is included in the “turnaround time”. Generally, the turnaround time is the time it takes from where your catalog is ready to go to press until the time it is ready to be shipped to you. It does not include time for graphic design, shipping, and delivery.

It is also valuable to note that the longer time you can allow for turnaround time, the more flexible a commercial printer can be on pricing. This is because the printer may have the opportunity to schedule simultaneous projects to help save on paper, staff, cutting, and folding costs. A “rush” job disrupts production schedules and is more expensive than one with a more flexible printing schedule.

How You Can Utilize Catalog Printing for Your Unique Industry

Catalogs are a versatile and valuable way that companies can share their products and services with potential customers. It is also a powerful vehicle for companies to communicate offerings for business to business commerce. Here is a look at some unique industries and how commercially printed catalogs may prove valuable.

Wholesale Catalog Printing

Catalog printing in the wholesale/distribution industry differs from that in the consumer arena in that wholesale catalogs tend to be designed for business to business applications. Users frequently already know what they want but are deciding where to get it and how much it will cost to acquire. While these catalogs may contain multiple images of products from several angles, these catalogs are often more data driven. They will contain more information like product name and product number or codes, quantity available, pricing, applications and other details.

Catalog Printing in the Healthcare Industry

Because the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry has become so specialized and complex, printed customized catalogs have become increasingly popular and valuable. Many healthcare-focused healthcare catalogs are created specifically for one area of healthcare or medicine. Catalogs have been created specifically for medical and surgical products, those involving dentistry related equipment and tools and even for professionals specializing in pediatric or geriatric care. Printed customized medical and pharmaceutical catalogs are an efficient way to reach busy professionals like those in the medical profession. Catalogs are also an effective way to include compliance-related information and data.

Finance Catalog Printing

Financial products have become more approachable and consumer-friendly in recent years and financial product catalogs are playing a role. Financial products can be more easily and attractively presented in a printed catalog while still including important details and complex compliance information. From home and equity loans, car loans, and consumer loans to a variety of traditional and innovative investment products, catalogs can help take the mystery out of a number of financial related products. Catalogs are also an effective way to reach targeted consumers either through direct mail or through other marketing and promotional vehicles and events.

Retail Catalog Printing

Catalogs have long played a role in marketing consumer retail products dating back to the early days of Sears, John Deere, Lionel, and others. From home building kits to expansive craft and toy catalogs, printed materials are enjoying a resurgence. The toy industry, in particular, has taken advantage of a “new” way to reach children through custom printed catalogs. Children enjoy flipping through a book-like catalog circling items and creating wish lists. This same approach can be used in marketing jewelry, furniture, craft items and a variety of consumer products. Custom printed catalogs are an innovative yet traditional way to sell retail products.

PPG Differentiators

Premier Print Group is a customer-focused printing company serving our clients since 1973. We have consistently and constantly pushed the envelope of innovation. Our strong family values, entrepreneurial spirit, customer-driven mentality, and passion for exceptional service is at the core of our culture.

Our mission is simple: provide high-quality print collateral, technology-based solutions and marketing and distribution services that will help you attract and retain your target customers. Technology may have changed. Strategies have been adjusted. Our mission remains the success of our clients.

Based in Champaign, Illinois, Premier Print Group is one of the  commercial sheet-bed printers in the Midwest but in the United States. Our central location makes us a cost-effective choice for much of the United States. Our Midwest attitude and work ethic adds value to your choice of a commercial printer.

G7 Qualification

Premier Print Group is a G7 Master Colorspace Qualified Facility. We have obtained the third level of G7 compliance and the most stringent, G7 Colorspace. This level demonstrates maintaining extremely tight tolerances throughout the whole color space and ensuring that the printing system can consistently reproduce the entire color space and not just the primary and secondary mediums. By obtaining a G7 certification, our facility is a proven quality leader in print media, and creative services. This is critical when color performance is so important in the production of color custom printed catalogs.

FSC Certification

When choosing Premier Print Group, you can have confidence that we are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) and are committed to creating an environmentally healthier planet at large. FSC® is the global standard for responsible forest management. Sustainably managed forests make a vital contribution to society by providing economic, environmental, and social benefits indispensable to quality of life. A commitment to sustainable forest management means protecting water quality, soil, wildlife and unique resources, and promoting human health, safety and financial well-being. As we all make efforts to become more sustainable and more environmentally responsible, you can trust in your choice of Premier Print Group.

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