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Advantages of Outsourcing Fulfillment Solutions to Manage your Marketing Materials

August 12, 2020

It is easy to think that performing an activity in-house is less expensive and more efficient than outsourcing the work. However, this is typically not the case with fulfillment of literature and other printed materials. When you consider the management, staff time requirements, and space allocation it becomes apparent that in-house fulfillment is less convenient and cost-effective than you may have originally thought. 

However, by utilizing a fulfillment, distribution, and warehouse service, the process is greatly simplified and much easier for your team to handle. High-performing fulfillment systems require upfront costs in software and space, and the ongoing expenses of  dedicated personnel. By outsourcing literature fulfillment to Premier Print Group, you benefit from our existing infrastructure, software, experience and expertise. Our systems are in place and waiting to serve you.

It should be noted that while this article addresses fulfillment of only print marketing materials, our services often include the storage and distribution of: 

  • Products
  • Branded Premiums
  • Samples and swatches
  • Branded Wearables
  • Point-of-Purchase Displays
  • Meeting Exhibits

Below we discuss six advantages of using our print marketing fulfillment solutions to meet your needs. 

6 Benefits of Outsourcing Literature Fulfillment to Premier

1. Personnel Dedicated to Fulfillment

Often the hardest part about ordering and shipping print marketing materials is managing it all. With a fulfillment and warehouse solution in place, you don’t have to worry about the hassles that can come with order fulfillment. 

With Premier’s literature fulfillment programs, staffing concerns are shifted from your company to ours. No longer will you have to allocate your staff’s time for managing and processing orders. You’ll benefit from fulfillment experts working in an environment that has been specifically engineered for fulfillment processes. 

2. Pick, Pack and Ship Expertise

Our fulfillment experts are experienced with all types of packaging and shipping requirements. Our programs are designed to allow for efficient and timely processing, packaging, and distribution of your materials. We have daily pick-ups by UPS, FedEx, and numerous common carriers.

3. Saves Storage Space

One of the biggest benefits of an outsourced fulfillment solution is that it gives you a secure offsite space to house your print marketing materials. Boxes of printed material are heavy, bulky, and take up valuable space in your facility. By outsourcing literature fulfillment, your materials are stored in Premier’s secure and climate controlled service center within our warehouse. This not only eliminates space concerns within your facility, but your fulfillment program is scalable, resulting in a simple transition should you choose to expand your inventory.

4. Integrated Print and Fulfillment Services

Premier’s literature fulfillment services include storage of your materials, gathering, packaging and distributing printed materials. These may include the following and more:

  • Books
  • Booklets
  • Brochures
  • Sell sheets
  • Manuals
  • Catalogs

Premier Print Group offers a full suite of printing, bindery and finishing services. We can provide folding and collating services, as well as kitting and the insertion of printed components needed to create binder sets and assembled presentation packets. 

Procuring printed materials from multiple sources results in increased shipping costs and transit times. By having Premier cost-effectively supply your printed materials, everything is streamlined under one roof, eliminating these additional costs. 

5. Inventory Management

Premier Print Group will store and track all of your marketing and other printed collateral in our secure climate-controlled fulfillment service center. With our inventory management system you will no longer need to keep track of your assets. Our reporting system makes all the information you need available anytime you need it.

6. Centralized Shipping Point

Premier Print Group’s fulfillment center is located in Champaign, Illinois which is almost in the center of the U.S. This allows us to provide excellent rates for parcel and freight shipments and optimal transit times across the country.

You can also divide your completed print orders into predetermined quantities and ship in bulk to multiple locations. This opens the door for more personalized items, such as customized product kits, to be shipped in large quantities. With variable data printing, our team can create and deliver pieces tailored to a specific audience, providing a better and more personalized user experience.

Other Print & Fulfillment Services to Consider

Print-On-Demand (POD)

On-demand print services operate on a per-order basis where an order is placed and the product is printed, packaged, and shipped directly after. This means that you can order and pay for a printed product as it’s needed, which results in no wasted materials. 

Print-on-Demand projects usually require fewer pieces, typically up to a couple hundred copies of single sheets or a booklet. POD is perfect for items where data is likely to change or content needs to be personalized, thus avoiding the burden of having obsolete materials.

E-Commerce Storefronts

Premier Print Group is equipped with a powerful e-commerce platform for hosting Corporate, B2B and B2C custom storefronts. This platform populates your storefront with a variety of items and simplifies how users locate and order whatever they need when they need it. Built-in security gives you control over who can access the site and which items they can view and order.

Print-on-Demand and Web2Print features are included in all storefront packages. Custom designed, branded templates allow users to easily personalize items with minimal keystrokes. This gives users the ability to personalize corporate assets and maintain brand integrity at all times while approval workflows help to ensure compliance.

With this solution, you can offer your employees, business partners, and customers a convenient way to acquire virtually any variable date or static printed products, branded promotional items, wearables, corporate office supplies, and more. Your store will be open 24/7.

Warehouse and Fulfillment Management at PPG

Here at Premier Print Group, we have extensive experience with fulfillment and inventory management. With the ability to offer a wide range of packaging options, including a large pick-and-pack capacity, our facilities are equipped to ensure your promotional materials are packed with care for a safe journey. Once we receive an order, it is promptly processed for picking, packing and shipping. 

As your fulfillment partner, Premier simplifies distributing literature to your customers, field reps, branch offices, franchise locations, dealers and others. We have all the resources and expertise needed to perform these tasks efficiently and economically. Take advantage of combining our commercial printing and fulfillment services to access a full suite of services. Whether you are in need of storefront, warehousing, pick n’ pack, or simply housing literature, we have a solution for you. Contact us today.

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