Capturing and holding your prospect's attention is easy with Variable Data Printing (VDP). Premier Print Group's digital NexPress produces offset quality, yet addresses and personalizes copy with the prospect's name throughout your message.

Beyond personalizing with the prospect's name, versioning allows you to target multiple versions of your printed piece to specific audiences. You can swap copy and photos so that your message is intriguing and more personal.

Personalized URLs (PURLs) are another highly effective marketing tool we offer. Take a personalized postcard for example. A URL with the prospect's name is added, such as

When typing the url into her browser Jane will instantly arrive at a personalized landing page. She may have been lured there for more information on a topic, to register for a conference, to complete a survey or countless other things.

No question about it - VDP, in all its forms, dramatically increases response rates, which in turn significantly enhances your return on investment. So fire up the imagination, because with VDP, your options are infinite!