Scott Moore
Vice President | Sales Manager
217.359.2296 fax

My affiliation with this company began when I was 4 years old and my father opened Ace Printing, which later became Printec Press. I started actually working full-time for the company 20 years later in 1993, a couple of years after graduating from the University of Illinois.

I worked in sales from the beginning and have always enjoyed developing relationships with my clients and helping them achieve their goals through their marketing materials.

A lot has changed in the industry since I started, but our philosophy of making the customer our number #1 priority has not. Ensuring they can depend on us, being honest with them and meeting their needs is what drives us to be successful. Our emphasis on service separates us from others in an industry often seen as producing commodity goods. We are different...and better.

Although Premier keeps me very busy, I always find time to spend with my 3 beautiful daughters: Logan, who will be following in my footsteps to the University of Illinois this fall; Jensen, who is a junior in high school; and my "baby," Mason, an eighth grader.

My wife of 20 years, Melanie, and I have had a great time watching the girls play volleyball pretty much year around. I also get pleasure watching my wife coach club volleyball too. So it literally is a year-round passion for my family. I'm glad I love sports almost as much as they do.

On the few occasions when we aren't doing something related to volleyball I will try to sneak in a round of golf somewhere with my buddies or watch my beloved Illini sports teams compete.